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Food and wine

20 Apr

While bored at work today, I decided to work on my biography for VaginaCon (sidenote – you should totally check it out and register… it’s gonna be hella cool, more on that in a minute) I found myself pondering two terms: “foodie” and “wino” and how they kind of pertain to me but not completely. According to the research preference of college students everywhere, those two terms are defined as follows:

Foodie – “an informal term for a particular class of aficionado of food and drink… foodies differ from gourmets in that gourmets are epicures of refined taste, whereas foodies are amateurs who simply love food for consumption, study, preparation, and news. Gourmets simply want to eat the best food, whereas foodies want to learn everything about food, both the best and the ordinary, and about the science, industry, and personalities surrounding food.”

Wino – “a slang term for a person, especially one who is homeless, who consumes large amounts of alcohol…”

To me, both of these terms have taken on a negative connotation. The negative connotation in the term “wino” is fairly obvious when you read the definition; the negative connotation I get from “foodie”, not so much. So, allow me to explain.

Since the term was initially coined by Paul Levy and Ann Barr in the eighties, the term foodie has been thrown around by countless dillholes trying to explain why they’re allowed to be dillholes when you go out to eat with them.

Why, yes, I AM a foodie, thank you for asking.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have friends that are true foodies (I would venture to guess that my younger brother considers himself a foodie) and I would consider myself a foodie as well, if I only had the income to support the delicious habit. My issue comes not from the love of food and wanting to learn about it, but from the too-good-for-this, snobby, elitist attitude that some have taken on, solely because they think they are allowed to since they call themselves “foodies”. Too many times, I have seen someone who calls themselves a foodie that only proclaims their love for what is considered the “best” and completely ignores the “ordinary”.

Because of all of this negative connotation, I have taken the liberty to coin two new terms with which I will describe myself. I have done this before and I will probably do it again.

Fine-wino – One who appreciates the wonderful world of wine for all that it is; a place where one can garner as much enjoyment from a $15 bottle of California chardonnay as one can from a $150 bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Anti-foodie – very similar to a foodie, an anti-foodie expresses the same amount of curiosity and love for all things edible, minus the elitist attitude that some have adopted since the original term being quoted in the early 1980’s. Where certain “foodies” will say that they do not dine at certain establishments and only like to frequent venues of a certain ilk, an anti-foodie is able to appreciate both a single scallop that has been pan-seared to perfection and a slab of fried cod from Long John Silver’s (and the yummy cracklin’s that go with it).

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