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Movies I Used to Love – The Woman in Red

10 Apr

A few days ago I was perusing the movies available thru HBO GO and found one that I loved when I was younger, The Woman in Red. It’s a comedy from the 80’s with the likes of Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, and Kelly Le Brock. I remember loving this movie and laughing hysterically at all the mishaps that Gene Wilder’s character, Theodore “Teddy” Pierce, deals with throughout the movie. I remember my favorite moment as a child; Teddy’s buddies are trying to cheer up a member of their group by going out to a fancy restaurant he had been kicked out of before and doing “the blind man”. Basically, two men go into the place as one pretends to be blind. The “sighted one” sneaks out for a second leaving the “blind one” alone and sets him up to freak the fuck out when he realizes his buddy is longer there beside him. Glasses get broken and people are making shocked faces at the scene, all while the “blind man” shouts “JAKE, JAKE” and smashes up the place with his cane.

Now, I’m sure many of you have had the experience of revisiting a movie you used to love as a kid only to discover what the movie was really about. And what I learned a few days ago is that The Woman in Red is all about a married man who keeps trying to have this affair with a supermodel and fails over and over again.

Let me start from the beginning…

Teddy gets to work one day and, as he is parking his car, he notices a beautiful woman in a red dress come walking through the parking garage. She walks over a grate and the wind coming from the grate blows her dress up in the air, a la Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, revealing long legs and skimpy panties that are as red as her dress. Surprised at first, the young woman (Charlotte, played by Kelly Le Brock) quickly returns to the grating to do a sexy little dance, not knowing she has an audience. Once she’s done with her dance, she walks off to enter the building which houses the advertising company that Teddy works for. At this, Teddy rushes off to catch her , but not before doing a little dance of his own on the grate. He catches up with her in the elevator but loses her once they exit the elevator and the lights go out. From this point forward, the movie is filled with teddy’s hilarious failures at meeting up with and/or having an affair with Charlotte.

The best failures come from Teddy thinking he is talking on the phone with Charlotte when, as we see, he is really talking to Ms. Milner (played by Gilda Radner), a homely co-worker who quickly develops feelings for Teddy once she thinks he is interested in her. Unfortunately, Ms. Milner gets stood up when Teddy gets hung up with his family. This causes Ms. Milner to have resentment towards Teddy which she expresses by keying his car, bending his car antenna into all kinds of configurations, and spilling ink all over his desk which is covered in important documents. The ill will culminates when Ms. Milner decides to give Teddy a second chance and sets up a second date with Teddy. This time, instead of standing Ms. Milner up, Teddy makes it all the way to the restaurant where Ms. Milner is waiting for him and subsequently runs out when he realizes who his real date is. Ms. Milner follows him out to his car (where he is hiding in the back seat pretending to have a heart attack), leans in thru the driver’s window, and disengages the parking brake… Sending Teddy’s car down a busy (and steep) road as he sits helpless in the back seat.

And Teddy isn’t the only adulterer… Joey’s wife leave him after finding out about his affair. Rick is having an affair with a doctor’s wife, and Buddy gets outed in front of his unknowing buddies when his boyfriend confronts him at lunch one day and throws a suitcase full of his clothes into the middle of the road. And let’s not forget Charlotte, who Teddy finally gets the chance to be with…. right before her HUSBAND arrives home!

So, I still love the movie, there are too many priceless moments to not go back and watch it over and over again. I just think it’s fun to look back on movies I used to love as a kid and learning what was really going on.

I wonder what other movies I could look into….