I would describe myself as living in a constant state of identity crisis. Watching too much Grey’s Anatomy makes me want to be a doctor. Watching too much UK TV makes me want to be British. Ideally, I’d be on tour for my latest album right now but, since that doesn’t look like it’s in the cards. I’m just gonna sit here and try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I think a good starting point for learning about me would be when I met my best friend, and wifey, Kat. I had recently started my own MySpace page and was just trolling around looking at other people’s pages when I ran across hers. After we had messaged back and forth for a while, we decided to meet in person (I swear to God we aren’t lesbians) and we became fast friends. We still celebrate our anniversary (July 22, 2005 if you’re curious) and we talk everyday.

About a year after meeting Kat, I went to work at a mortgage company where I met Daniel. We went on our first date on August 28, 2006 and I gave birth to our daughter, Taylor, nine months later. Yeah, we liked to move slow. 361 days after Taylor was born, I became a back-to-back mommy (made it up myself!) and we welcomed our son, Daniel Jr. into the world. What? I said we liked to move slow.

There have been no babies since those two*knocks on wood* but I have still been reeling from the changes that life has thrown at me. Most recently, Daniel and I got married in the most prefect of perfect weddings. I am overjoyed to be his wife and I am so glad we finally took that step. Not that we weren’t going to.

Before I had my children, I never really gave the idea of becoming a parent a great deal of thought. I knew I wanted to be a mom someday but I never expected the day to be tomorrow.

I come from a very loving family. My mother, Silvia, is the most amazing, selfless, giving person that I have ever known. She is also a bit ditzy and the source of some of the funniest “misspoken” statements I have ever heard. Ever.

My older brother, Kirck, is so intelligent it scares me. He’s a big guy but he’s a teddy bear.

My younger brother, Bruno (yes that’s his real name, shut up!!), I often refer to as my twin. Although there is an age difference of about two and a half years between us, our personalities are strikingly similar.

I am so super lucky to have all of these people in my life. And I hope I do a good job of remembering that every day.


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