20 Mar

In this big world of ours, there are so many ways to define happiness. The rich man will define happiness as having a diversified portfolio and finally finishing the big remodel on his house in the Hamptons. The father or mother in India may define happiness as having a big, healthy family and enough love to last them a lifetime. Our definitions of happiness even change over the course of our lives. I remember a time where happiness was when I finally got to start wearing heels to tap class.

I am happy. I can say that truthfully and without pause. I have many reasons to be happy. I have the love of a man that loves me in a way that I never thought I would get to be loved. I have two beautiful children that are smart, healthy, and funny. I have the most amazingly unique family that is always good for a laugh or comfort when I need it. I have the smartest, funniest, most amazing friends (online and off) that anyone could ask for and the bestest most bestest best friend in the history of friends.

So what makes me happy right now?

On top of everything I’ve already mentioned, I get to stand up in front of the people I love the most in this world and *officially* make a lifelong commitment to a man I am already tied to forever. We get to stand in front of our family friends and make the easiest promise in the world; to love each other like we already do and to continue to do it for as long as weboth shall live. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs and our own problems to combat. But we’ve gone through it together. Never once, in five and a half years, have I ever felt like my man… my fiance… my husband would not be there for me. To promise to love him for the rest of my life will be one of the easiest things I ever do in my life.

Sure, there are those that say that marriage isn’t easy… that you “have to work at it”. And I get that. I get that times can be hard and make you stress and lash out at the person closest to you. We’ve already been through some of that and made it out holding hands.

Right now, in this moment, I am happy that I have a companion on the long road of life that lies before me. And I have him forever.


One Response to “Happiness.”

  1. urbanhippiemomma March 20, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    Congratulations! I’m happy to hear that y’all are making it official. Married life is great ( and not that much different than living together life) ~Dana

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