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I has the sads today.

8 Jan

I had to put my dog down today. I know not everyone is an animal person but, I am and I am very sad.

We got George from the pound a little over two years ago and he has been the best dog for our family. He loved our kids and let them crawl all over him and he was my chocolate shadow for the last two years.

And then he got bloat. I don’t know a whole lot about it, just that it would have taken over $1500 to fix it, which we don’t have. On top of that, the surgery that would have fixed it couldn’t have done anything to prevent it from happening again.

His stomach was swollen to over 6 times its normal size and he was in a lot of pain so, we had to make the tough decision.

Daniel made a good point, we took him from a place that was going to do that to him anyway and we gave him over two years of love and happiness.

I am so sorry George… If I had that money I would have willingly given it up to still have you around.

I love you Georgey and I already miss you so much.

My chocolate heart, I will miss him so much.