I’m tired of the cattiness.

25 Oct

I’ve never been a “catty” girl. I never saw the point of taking another woman down a peg, for any reason. But lately, well, I’m seeing a lot of cattiness and it’s making me very punchy.

Recently I linked to another blog that discussed something along these lines but, it dealt more with moms being hyper-critical about each others’ choices; assuming that their choice is the best choice in all situations and criticizing anyone that does not follow their same path.

I think that topic needs to go a bit broader. I have seen so many women just railing on other women for no other reason than to be catty. And I don’t understand it. Is it coming from a place of not feeling good about yourself and having to see the negative in others? Is it coming from a place of jealousy? Where the fuck does it come from?

Maybe it’s just me but, I don’t see guys going at each other the way that we women do. I’m sure that we all know a number of women that cannot simply look at a picture of a beautiful woman and admit that the woman in the picture is beautiful. It’s always something:
*She’s probably an idiot.
*Her earlobes are uneven.
*She’s got cankles.
*She’s a slut.
*Her teeth are weird.
*What is she wearing?
*She needs to get her roots done.

It makes me want to pull my hair out. I can understand there being a select few that you find it hard to compliment for whatever reason (don’t ever let it be said that I feel like everyone should love one another) but, dammit man, everyone?? You have something negative to say about everyone?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m asking too much. I just know how I feel and when I see a woman that is so quick to be so catty about another woman, it doesn’t make me think negatively about the woman being talked about… It makes me think negatively about the woman doing the talking. Maybe that’s just me but, chances are, it’s not.

So, here’s the bit of advice that I’m going to send out subliminally to my fellow women… If you’re about to say something mean or catty, swallow it down and think of something nice to say instead. If you can’t think of something nice to say..

Shut the fuck up.


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