“That” time.

27 Sep

This Saturday, we’ll all be going to the wedding of my friend’s Holly and Chris (who is more like a little brother to me than a friend). Holly has been so busy; she is very frugal and has made a lot of the preparations for her wedding herself. I am amazed at everything that she has done and I wish I had it in me to do the same for my wedding. When we get together, we talk about weddings (of course) and we talk about babies (the two of them have a beautiful one-year old boy, Jett) and we talk about wine and everything else under the son.

In case, you’re new, I’m also planning my own wedding. I’m not going DIY like Holly did but there is still a good bit to plan when you don’t do everything yourself.

My brother got engaged this past July and they are planning their wedding for next year.

Right now, I know of four girls from my past who are expecting and there are two who just had their first child.

I have reached “that” time in my life. It has started to dawn on me (at thirty-years old) that I have grown up. Almost everyone I know is getting married or expecting their first child, or having their first child, or just in various stages of doing the big things that grown-ups do. And it makes me so happy for everyone and so hopeful for our futures and the futures of our families. But, it also makes me kind of sad. Now, it may sound kind of funny but, we have to stop doing the stupid stuff that we have been doing for the past however-many years. We have to buckle down, buck up and be responsible. I have friends making families, friends that are starting new jobs, friends that are getting promotions, and friends publishing friggin’ books.

I think this is the time they are talking about in that Toys-R-Us jingle “I don’t wanna grow up”. I think I’ve grown up, even though I’ve still got a lot of growing up to do.


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