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“That” time.

27 Sep

This Saturday, we’ll all be going to the wedding of my friend’s Holly and Chris (who is more like a little brother to me than a friend). Holly has been so busy; she is very frugal and has made a lot of the preparations for her wedding herself. I am amazed at everything that she has done and I wish I had it in me to do the same for my wedding. When we get together, we talk about weddings (of course) and we talk about babies (the two of them have a beautiful one-year old boy, Jett) and we talk about wine and everything else under the son.

In case, you’re new, I’m also planning my own wedding. I’m not going DIY like Holly did but there is still a good bit to plan when you don’t do everything yourself.

My brother got engaged this past July and they are planning their wedding for next year.

Right now, I know of four girls from my past who are expecting and there are two who just had their first child.

I have reached “that” time in my life. It has started to dawn on me (at thirty-years old) that I have grown up. Almost everyone I know is getting married or expecting their first child, or having their first child, or just in various stages of doing the big things that grown-ups do. And it makes me so happy for everyone and so hopeful for our futures and the futures of our families. But, it also makes me kind of sad. Now, it may sound kind of funny but, we have to stop doing the stupid stuff that we have been doing for the past however-many years. We have to buckle down, buck up and be responsible. I have friends making families, friends that are starting new jobs, friends that are getting promotions, and friends publishing friggin’ books.

I think this is the time they are talking about in that Toys-R-Us jingle “I don’t wanna grow up”. I think I’ve grown up, even though I’ve still got a lot of growing up to do.


Sick mommy

21 Sep

So yeah, if the title doesn’t explain it all, I’m sick. I do’t know what it is or where it came from but it’s everything; sore throat, fever, achiness, cough, sneezing, yada yada yada. I think the worst part about it is that I am the caretaker in the house but, when I’m sick, there’s no caretaker for me. Sure sure, I’ve got Daniel but any woman will tell you that the sympathy and care she gets from her man is next to nothing compared to what he gets from her (unless you are like one friend of mine who gets breakfast in bed on the weekends, every weekend, yeah, we won’t talk about her). I’ve been told chicken soup and Vitamin C countless times but all I’ve got is minestrone and Zicam so that had better work or I’m skee-rooed!

So, I’ve had it hard the past couple of days. Taylor missed Pre-K Monday and today because I could barely walk a straight line let alone drive a car. It’s been a while since I last got sick, about a year or so. I hardly ever get sick but when I do my body gives in. Just sitting at my computer now is making me kinda dizzy. In fact, wait right there, I gotta close my eyes for a second.

Ok, me again. I will say this, being sick has allowed me to give myself leave to just sit around at do nothing. No school work, housework, nada. I have been looking around at wedding stuff and I’ve found some cute ideas for things I want to do for our wedding. Now it’s just a matter of sticking to my guns and actually doing it.

So yeah, it’s hard being sick and being a mommy and trying to get better. But, I’ll tough it out. Surely I can’t get sicker, right?


Children at a wedding

20 Sep

No one can ever truly describe just how much goes into planning a wedding. Holy mother of everything holy… there is a lot to consider but, more on that later. Since I am planning my wedding and I also have two friends that are planning theirs (one is getting married in 11 days and one is getting married this time next year) I have been in a lot of wedding talks lately. The subject that has come up the most is the subject of having kids at your wedding.

Now, I may be biased since I already have two children of my own, and I will be having kids at my wedding, and let me preface all of this by saying that I understand WHY someone would not want kids at their wedding. However, if I were invited to a “no kids” wedding, it would leave me feeling slightly insulted. Here’s why… before I had kids, I totally viewed them as screaming, snotty, loud little people (not to say there aren’t adults that are the same way) and I definitely wouldn’t wanna stand in front of a room full of them on my special day. Now that I have kids, I realize that I was taking my image of some people’s kids and applying that image to all people’s kids.

My children are VERY well behaved. While they may get crazy at home they know how to act when we are in public and they have never been one of those kids that make a scene. If one of my friends were to have a “no kids” wedding, it would feel like they were making the same assumption that I had once made.

But, there is another layer to all of this. Money. Daniel and I are paying for everything out of our own pockets and most places charge half price for kids under twelve regardless of if that kid is 1 or 11; and half price adds up fast, especially if your family has a lot of little ones, like mine.

I just think that this is one of those issues that needs to be handled with a lot of tact. If I were going with a “no kids” policy at my wedding, I wouldn’t just leave it at one line on the invitation or RSVP card. Personally, I’d make a point to call everyone that I was inviting that has kids and take the time to explain why I made that decision. It goes without saying that, if you’re inviting someone to your wedding, they are special to you in some way and great care needs to be taken when explaining why you don’t want to share your special day with their whole family.

Am I making sense? What do you think?

Planning life is hard

13 Sep

Up until now, I’ve never really approached life with a plan in my hand. I just kinda lived what was thrown at me. Case in point being my meeting Daniel and becoming a back-to-back mommy. Now, the kids are getting to school age and I am approaching a crossroads in my life.

Recently I reconnected with Jennifer; my mom used to babysit her when we were all kids. She’s married with kids of her own and one day my mother and I went to spend the day with her. She met my kids and I met hers and we all just sat around, talked, drank some beers and caught up with each other. She was telling me about how she is a radiologic technician and she only works two days a week but gets paid a great salary. She told me about where she studied (it’s only a two-year program) and about how much she loves what she does. Georgia currently has what’s called the Workforce Investment Act, or WIA, which will basically pay for you to get the training you need for “in demand” jobs, one of which is radiologic technicians. Basically, I could get the training I need, at no cost to me, and be ready to start down a very promising career path two years after starting the program.

But here’s the rub. I never really planned on becoming a mom. Sure, I knew that, eventually, I would but I never really had a timeline set out where I planned on having kids by a certain time in my life.

And, now that I have the children that I do… I want more.

And this is where it gets kind of hard for me. Part of me wants to have more kids soon so that all of my children are fairly close in age and can have some sort of something in common. But, part of me really wants to pursue this promising career path.

It’s the typical discussion that two girlfriends have. One has had the career and wants the family and the love. The other has the family and the love but wants the career.

My wifey tells me to do what I really want to do. Daniel tells me the same thing. The problem is, I really want BOTH.

You’re going to think I’m crazy. I have lost my Tarot deck and I have been having my wifey draw a card for me just to see what “the universe” is trying to tell me. I kid you not, 9 times out of 10, she pulls the Temperance card. Temperance, balance, whatever you want to call it. I’m going to have to make this decision on my own.

Friday is my favorite day…

3 Sep

So, when you’re young, Friday becomes your favorite day because it’s the beginning of the weekend; two glorious days where you don’t have to put up with those know-it-alls who call themselves teachers.

You get a little older and Friday becomes your favorite day because it signifies the beginning of your weekend where you don’t have to put up with those know-it-alls who call themselves your bosses.

Then, you enter a murky area of your life. Where everyday runs together and sometimes, you catch yourself not knowing what month it is. That’s called motherhood. And if you’re a back-to-back mommy, like I am, it’s even worse. Since you have lost track of what day of the week it is, it’s kinda hard to have a favorite.

Taylor just finished her second week of pre-K and Friday is starting to become a favorite again. When she’s tired on Friday morning, I explain to her that she just needs to make it through one more day and she’ll have a two day break, or a three day break as is the case this weekend. But, as I teach her about making Friday her favorite day, I realize that Friday has been my favorite day for a while now.

Daniel is a project manager and he’s away from home during the week. The company he works for has put him up in an adorable cabin with a catfish pond right next to it so, I know he’s comfortable, but he’s not HOME. But, on Friday, he comes back. I hadn’t realized how much I was looking forward to Friday again until now.

My aunt used to sing this funny song when I was little;

“Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day.

Monday is a bummer.

Tuesday’s only fair.

Wednesday’s getting ready.

Thursday’s almost there but,

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day”

I love my man. And I love Fridays… again!

P.S. Rebecca Black can suck it.