I am no writer…

18 Aug

Allow me to preface this and all following posts by informing you that I am no writer. I have friends that are writers, amazing writers and I would never even try to classify myself in the same category as them. What I am is someone that needs an outlet from time to time. I describe myself as a party-girl-turned-mother-of-two and, while I have never been able to identify myself as one specific type of person (i.e. writer, singer, mother, slut) I know that I need to be able to vent, express myself, and let off a little steam.

I'm a little teapot. What... too literal?

I don’t want to make promises of consistent posting or certain themes or anything of that nature. I doubt that anyone out there will ever read what I post here besides my mom. I will, however, make a promise to myself.

I promise to always allow myself to write what I need to write, no matter who it may offend or piss off.

I promise to never censor myself, I have a dirty mouth, so what?

Finally, I promise to not be hypercritical of what I choose to post here, after all, I am no writer.


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